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I have started learning programming in C++, creating and managing databases and electrical engeneering at the professional college. After that I studied "Game Technology & Producing" at Saxion Enschede - University of applied science. I was in the first group of game developers from the Saxion and I was able to design & improve the course to make it better from year to year.


My first work experiance was at Gameforge Mobile GmbH as Unity3D & Flash developer. During my time there I did three specializations: A.I. and OpenGL shader development as well as mobile connection optimizations and P2P network access. For the graduation project, I joined Flaregames GmbH for shader development for a brand new mobile title. The project was about planning and organization as well as the actual creation of a high performance mobile water shader.


Flaregames stopped game development and focussed on game publishing. During that time I joined Gameforge for its mobile project Elemancer. Gameforge decided one year later to do the same and they had to lay-off whole the depatments. During this year Flaregames established a game studio support team that I joined back. The focus was to basically help the contracted game studios with software development that repeats for all games. E.g. creating a build pipeline or integrating SDK. This enabled me to learn massively from different project, languages and challanges. 

Beginning of 2019 I was assigned as technical lead for Zombie Gunship Survival after the game developer stopped working on the game a while ago. Based on the work I invested we are now able to scale up the team to follow up with the potential this game has.


Besides all job related work I spent a lot of spare time on private projects. Those projects range from asset store projects and technical prototypes up to mobile game releases and PC multiplayer games.

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Nonstop knight
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Zombie Gunship Survival
Monsters with attitude
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